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What are the functions of surveillance cameras?
2021-05-15 11:32:59

Do you have surveillance cameras in your hometown? Do you understand the functions of surveillance cameras? How do surveillance cameras store video? Let's learn about the functions of surveillance cameras.

The installation method of surveillance camera is more and more simple and convenient. It can be hoisted, intercalated or wall mounted. It is suitable for rural or suite installation.


For the crazy situation of the traditional surveillance cameras, it is because the traditional surveillance cameras are standard definition, and can not see the video or the monitored area very well. The 2 megapixel 1920x1080 resolution surveillance camera can just change this problem.

Can your home's surveillance camera see something? The latest surveillance camera can view the situation from different angles through the surveillance camera App installed on the mobile phone, making the security more guaranteed. In addition to the above functions, the surveillance camera also has voice function, motion detection function, Anju cloud storage function and playback function. Have you understood all of them.

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