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  • Open CBox has been suggested, "you need to install msxml2 o
    Answer: Please download msxml2 or later proceed with the installation,
    msxml6 download address is: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=zh-cn&FamilyID=993c0bcf-3bcf-4009-be21-27e85e1857b1
    After installation is complete, can be used to register it.
    Registration steps:
    1 Start - Run
    2 Type: regsvr32 / u msxml6.dll (or msxml2.dll)
    3 Enter
    4 then type: regsvr32 msxml6.dll (or msxml2.dll)
    5 Clear the IE cache
  • Why choppy playback, very smooth?
    Answer: At present, China has two network television broadcast video bitrate, SD: 380kbps, HD: 500Kbps, video is not smooth and there may be many reasons:
    1, because the network is slow, please according to your network environment, you select the appropriate bit rate of the video to watch;
    2, the user computer software to automatically download data (such as Windows automatic updates, virus automatically upgrade).
    3, the user computer to open the Thunder, BT, eMule and other large network bandwidth downloading tool.
    4, open the other sites (data volume).
    5, LAN users, other users are consuming a lot of bandwidth to download data.
  • I saw the video is not normal, colorful.
    Answer: Please make sure you have installed the latest version of the graphics driver, and install DirectX9.0c or later. If it is determined already required to install the latest version of the graphics driver and DirectX, still can not see, please right click the desktop space - Properties - Settings - Advanced - Troubleshoot, adjust the hardware acceleration to a minimum. Huaping can solve most of the situation.
  • Foreign users can not open channels, suggesting that "in yo
    Answer: Depending on the contents copyright protection requirements, China Network Television parts can only be broadcast in mainland China, so the area of non-authorized users were masked. If you still can not see in the mainland, please write to tell us, we will tackle them promptly.
  • I can not watch programs on demand, how is this going ah?
    Answer: can not watch programs on demand there may be many reasons, please check whether your machine on the following conditions exist:
    1 Is there accelerator in the open state, if there is, turn off the accelerator and then try to watch the open CBox;
    (2) whether there is a proxy, see: Open IE-> Tools -> IE Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings, if the "Use automatic configuration script" is selected, then please cancel the selection and then try to watch CBox.
  • Currently CBox with which systems are compatible?
    Currently CBox with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7 (32 bit) very good compatibility.
  • Use CBox watch programs on the computer hardware configurati
    There. As CBox provide high quality programs, and thus the computer configured with the appropriate requirements. Currently viewing CBox well recommended computer is configured to: CPU speeds up to 1.6GHz, RAM 1G.
  • HD and SD What is the difference?
    This is the program play in two streams are displayed, broadcast in SD stream is 380K, HD stream is 500K; demand SDTV stream is 450K, HD stream is 850K.
  • If CBox problems encountered in the process how to do?
    Answer: You can begin your issue to our attention, we will for tracking user feedback for problem solving. Currently we have three questions feedback channels to choose from:
    1 feedback through the feedback page (right click to download the page "feedback").
    2 by the CNTV CBox official microblogging, Sina microblogging feedback (Click to download page Products area of the "surfers").
    3 by China Network Television's customer feedback system.
  • Currently CBox provide what content?
    Answer: Currently CBox content provided is divided into two parts: one is live content, including CCTV-related television and 32 local TV broadcast channels, the other part is on-demand content, covering all channels of CCTV wonderful program.
  • Windows7 run Chinese television network client screen goes b
    Steps are as follows:
    1. Open Device Manager: Control Panel - System and Security - System - Device Manager
    2. In Device Manager, locate the display adapter, right-click "Scan for hardware changes."
    3. After a successful update, whether the attempt to re-open the normal playback CBox
  • 12Smart grid security video surveillance system technology t
    The industry believes that, "Kang electricity provider" was formally launched into the civilian security market Hikvision new attempt, it is possible for the security industry to open a larger market space.

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